[Podcast #000] Why I Won’t Give Up on Podcasting – The Re-launch Episode


We're re-launching The Podcast in the fall of 2018. Here we go again! In this introductory episode I talk about a few things.

  1. Why I Won't Give Up On Podcasting
  2. Our podcast Focus
  3. How to subscribe to the Podcast
  4. The New Format
  5. What I teach my kids about loving things.

Hello everybody and welcome back to Proclaim Ministries the Podcast. I said welcome back because this is the relaunch of the relaunch of the podcast that we started, paused, and then stopped and restarted again. They say the third time's the charm. I’m past the charm and we are still going.


I titled this episode Why I Won’t Give Up On Podcasting. I will be talking about our focus for Proclaim Ministries The Podcast and our format going forward, so we don’t have to relaunch again.

Hello, I am Mister Brown. Yes, first name Mister, last name Brown.

Our focus for Proclaim Ministries has changed over the years, but it’s really always been the same. It’s about helping people understand the Bible and follow Jesus.


Why I Won’t Give Up On Podcasting.


  1. I haven’t given it my all yet. I haven’t exhausted all my resources or attempts to podcast. I’ve dabbled at it, but I have not exhausted my resources. I want to keep going.
  2. Podcasting is a powerful way to share. More and more people are listening to audio. It doesn’t require screen time. We may be a culture that looks at our cell phones all the time, but we can’t always do that. You can listen to podcasts while you’re driving or cleaning your house, or my favorite, when I’m shaving my beautiful, bald head. I learn so much. I listen to an audio Bible and various podcasts. There are so many opportunities to listen without having to look at a screen.

I love podcasting…I like podcasting. I taught my kids something that I have to apply to myself. I have been teaching my kids to not say they love things. I tell them to like things and love people. You can say you love a lot of things. My son, Evan, says he loves a lot of things. Almost everything is his favorite thing. I need to remember to like things and love people. Ultimately, love God and love people.

I really LIKE listening to podcasts.


  1. Podcasting will outlive me. This medium will outlive me. Radio has outlived a lot of people. I tell this story often and maybe you’ve heard it before. In the years that I was really starting to seek out God and listen to preachers on tape and on the radio, I started listening to this guy named Tony Evans. He’s a great preacher. I really like his analogies. There was this other guy that came on before him named J. Vernon McGee. J. Vernon McGee was an older man and he talked slow. But I still listened to the man. I got a lot from him. I was able to learn a lot as I drove around selling insurance. I used to sell Aflac Insurance. Go ahead, say Aflac. I would listen to preachers as I drove around selling insurance to different companies. J. Vernon McGee was my man. Someone mentioned to me one day that J. Vernon McGee had died. I was shocked. But the thing was, he had already passed away before I ever started listening to him. The idea that God can use my voice past my living years is amazing. People are still listening to J. Vernon McGee. People are still reading his books. God is still using him. I have an opportunity to do that as well with podcasting. I make a lot of YouTube videos as well, but podcasts can be listened to any time.


  1. Podcasting is far reaching. It reaches a lot of people. When we had our podcast in the past, there were people from China, Saudi Arabia, and other parts of the world who were listening. It’s a great way to communicate God’s truth to people I may never get to meet or see.


  1. Another reason I will not give up on podcasting is I really enjoy it. I don’t love it, I like it. I like it a lot. I like listening to podcasts. I like speaking on podcasts. I’m going to continue doing it. I am making a commitment. I had to make a commitment to my wife. She always does our websites and all of our graphics and I would always change our theme for Proclaim Ministries. I would change our slogan all the time. She finally said, “Look. Give me a two-year commitment.” I don’t blame her. So I gave her a commitment that I will not change the theme of our ministry for at least two years. So for two years the theme will be, helping people understand the Bible and follow Jesus. I think that’s going to be longer than two years. So I’m going to keep this podcast going for at least two years as well, even if it’s not perfect. I’ve been reminded recently that done is better than perfect. Sometimes I want everything perfect. Not that we shouldn’t strive to do our best, but I want to strive to do my best in the time allotted and get it done.

I will continue to podcast for these five reasons and many more.


Our Focus for Proclaim Ministries The Podcast.


Our focus is the same as our ministry. As I mentioned, our theme has changed. I went through this teaching from this guy named Donald Miller who does Storybrand. He’s a great communicator. He talks about story a lot and how everything is a big story. He has the SB7. I won’t get into the details, but basically, at the end he challenges us to do a one-liner for our company, our business, or our ministry. Our one-liner is simply this, we help people understand the Bible and follow Jesus. That’s it. I like it. The focus of this podcast will be to help people understand the Bible and follow Jesus.

This podcast is different from Proclaim Ministries The Teaching podcast. The Teaching Podcast will be audio versions of sermons and teaching series that we do that you can listen to. You can also watch videos associated with them and read them. I would like everything we do in written form, video, and audio. I don’t have anyone to do the transcription or the summaries of all the things we have to do. I have not been doing things because of that and I have to stop that. Hey, maybe you can do it. If you like to write or transcribe or write descriptions of things that we do, let me know.

Proclaim Ministries The Podcast will be more conversational. Everything in this podcast will be to help people better understand the Bible and apply it to their lives; to understand what it means; to understand how the Bible is put together; how to study the Bible; how it is misunderstood; what does it actually teach us; and how does it leads us to Jesus. It will be topic driven, but with a focus on how do we understand the Bible and follow Jesus. I’m excited about it. In our world today, there are so many topics we can talk about. We can talk about racism, police brutality, gender issues, self-identity, or self-value. The Bible speaks very loudly to all of those things. We can get so topic based on our felt needs and we should look at felt needs at times. But, what does the Bible have to say about these topics, not just what do we feel about them.


Our Format Going Forward


Guests: We will have guests on the show including my beautiful wife, Andrea who is much smarter than me and better looking than me. If I didn’t know who God made me to be, I would be jealous of her. This woman is amazing. You will get a lot of insight from her.

Segments: We’ll have segments like,

  •         Chop It Up, where we will take a verse or a passage from the Bible and we will chop it up and have a conversation about it.
  •         Hey, I Got a Question is another one. In this segment I will give my perspective on people’s questions. I get a bunch of questions. I’m a kids pastor and I have a boat-load of questions from kids. I will answer some of those questions on this podcast.
  •         What Do You Think About That is another segment where we will get your opinion and your thoughts on topics and ultimately talk about what the Bible says about them.
  •         We’ll do Ministry Updates and tell you what is going on in the ministry as a whole.
  •         Again, it will be a conversational atmosphere. I would like to hear from you. Go to Proclaimministries.com and leave a comment in the comments section. You can also call the 24-hour Feedback Phone at (530) 535-8121. That’s a voicemail line where you can leave a voicemail message for me. If you have a question or comment, it may end up on the show.

Episodes of Proclaim Ministries The Podcast will be released every Thursday. It is scary to say that. I have to keep it up, but that is my goal. I will try to keep the episodes short, but I will not sacrifice quality for brevity. I want to provide great content for you. I think this is really important and I always want to give you something that will help you understand the Bible better and follow Jesus.

Thanks for listening.


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