ABC’s Of Thanks: Free Download


ABC’s Of Thanks

It is easy to lose the point of thanksgiving in the midst of all the holiday prep.  This year we started early and have been trying to be intentional about remembering all the little things that we have to be thankful for.  Since our daughter is in kindergarten this year there have been lots of alphabet activities going on so this fall so we made this activity sheet for a family night that we hosted at a local school.  Going through the whole alphabet has been a great experience because it forces you to think a bit harder and come up with something more than “friends and family.”

If you don’t want to mess with the paper you can also do this around the dinner table or in the car on the way to…well, wherever you are going.  We have been going through the alphabet every night at dinner. With small ones we get a lot of thankfulness for alligators and xylophones but it is good to give thanks in all things right?

How To Use The PDF

  1. as a placemat: print one per person, add pens or makers and let everyone do their own while they wait for the turkey to finish cooking.
  2. as a guestbook: print a copy on card stock and have each person add a few things throughout the day.
  3. as a family activity: Work through the letters together and see  how many things you can come up with for each one. We left the sheet without lines because some letters are way easier to be thankful for.

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by A.R.Brown, November 2016

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