Andrea’s New Adventure

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Many of you who have been partnering with us for years know that I (Andrea) do not do public speaking. One of my favorite things about this ministry is that I have been able to use my 'off stage' gifts in so many ways to support, create, and sustain the work of helping people understand the gospel. I also love that we get to meet so many different kinds of people, hear their stories, and invest in their lives. But for most of my life, I have avoided being the center of attention with all my might.

Well, as of today a lot has changed. . .

I still love people and stories and prefer to share life with 2 or 3 over a cup of coffee. But, after quite a lot of stubbornness on my part, I am walking in faith into a new adventure.

This last year I have devoted most of my evenings to writing a Bible study & designing a workbook. And this fall I am teaching a 12 week study for the women at our local church.

Just a year ago I would have laughed if you suggested I would be here today. But I can honestly say that this journey of stepping out in faith into the space that freaks me out the most has also been full of joy. It also felt pretty surreal to have sign-up sheets for this study lined up to the likes of Beth Moore & Jen Wilkin.

The study is called Strands. And is a narrative study of two themes that run through the whole story of the Bible.

This is just the beginning stages so I would love your feedback and input. If you are interested in seeing more, you can visit our "Strands" page and check out some of the intro videos.

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