Back To School Assembly

In any given household there are mixed feelings about the words, Back to School. Some family celebrate while others commiserate (express feelings of sympathy and pity) 


The same was true for our family. While we love the fact that Sophia loves to learn and likes school, Evan sure was sad to see her go. 


We were also excited because I was going to school on the first day to do an assembly. It was a great assembly and I wanted to share some of the things that took place but also say thank you for your prayers and support. 


In this video I mention a special thank you to Redding First Church for their partnership in reaching out to schools. They generously loan me their really big screen to use during the assemblies. Only a few schools have such a big screen and it really does make the assemblies flow much better. The screen makes our slides and videos larger than life. 


Thank you Redding First Church!!! 


I hope you enjoy the video and let me know your thoughts. 

Would you like to sponsor an assembly at a school in  your neighborhood? Let me know. 

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