How Are You Seeing Things With All the Unrest In the World?

How Are You Seeing Things With All the Unrest In the World?
Do you ever find yourself not seeing as clearly as you should? Without glasses or contacts, I don’t see clearly at all. It’s easy to see things out of focus especially in today’s world. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the news and everything that’s going on around. Are we seeing clearly what God is up to?

While I was working out a song came on by Hillsong featuring Andy Mineo called, “Every Little Thing Is Going To Be Alright.” AND IT’S TRUTH! It’s not just pie in the sky saying it will all be good and that there will no longer be racism, police brutality, and protests.

On this side of eternity, everything won’t be perfect.

I’m not seeing things clearly when I’m only focusing on just the here and now.
We do need to work in the here and now to bring about God’s Kingdom. To bring about righteousness and justice.

Not based on what someone else is doing but based on what Christ has done and is doing. I am able to be a light in this world. COVID-19 has shown me that I’m getting too comfortable as a Christian in this world. I’m getting so focused on creating a utopia here on earth. God has never promised a perfect world.

The Bible shows us that everything IS going to be alright but it’s not about here it’s about eternity.

God is eternal. He is before time. While he is not bound by time and space he does work well in them. We see his handiwork all around us. God is bringing about our good and his glory. These things don’t compete with each other.

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

One day there will be no more tears, injustice, or evil but that won’t be on this earth.

Rather than getting caught up into what everyone around us is saying is going on look at what God says first and foremost - We need to make THAT our foundation.

The gospel is more than just something that saved me from my sin. It also shows that all can come into the family of Christ. There’s beauty in diversity but I’m looking at being united in CHRIST. Jesus brought all people from different cultures, ethnic groups, and races into one body. We are equal. We are ONE in HIM.  

I need to be focused on HIS kingdom.
There is evil in this world but as a redeemed follower of Christ, I am called to present and bring about His kingdom. To love God & love people. To make disciples of ALL NATIONS.

It’s not about people’s exterior sin it’s about the savior and what he’s done to redeem them from that. I have hope outside of the news or social media posts because I know that every little thing is gonna be alright. That gives me hope for today because of my hope for tomorrow. Look beyond the skirmishes and the things going on. Not trying to establish comfort but bringing about Jesus’ kingdom. Hope found in HIM.

I’m gonna do my “PB & J” -- prayer time, Bible reading, and journaling -- to help me focus on what God is saying.

Right now there’s a lot of pointing at each other. I think we need to look up to God and reach out to each other. We need to stop making declarations and start having conversations. Your conversation can start like this…

We ALL are created in the image of God. My value doesn’t come from my skin color, money, or achievements. My value comes from being created in the image of God.

What has God said about what’s happening in our world?  
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