GetWisdom Proverbs 11:17

  • The Bible tells us to “consider others better than ourselves,” and to put their needs above our own. This can be difficult.
  • Sometimes being kind makes us feel like we’re losing out…but are we?
  • Verse of the day-
    • Proverbs 11:17, “A man who is kind benefits himself, but a cruel man hurts himself.”
    • “Nice guys finish last.” “See a fool, use a fool.”
      • These phrases make us wary of being kind, lest others take advantage of us.
      • Proverbs 11:17-21 says otherwise.
        • When you do right to other people, you reap spiritual benefits.
        • We should be modeling kindness without expecting anything in return. Our reward is eternal.
      • On the flip side, being cruel is harmful, both to others and to us.
        • When we choose not to be kind, we face serious consequences.
          • I once spoke at a high school, and I saw a tweet from a student that posted, “I’m always going the extra mile for everybody else. When am I gonna get something in return?”
            • My response was, “When you go the extra mile for other people, you always get something in return: a better you.”
          • Are you going to be a person who chooses to be kind to other people and make that who you are?
            • It benefits those around you, and it also benefits you.


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