Exciting News at Proclaim Ministries! | Meet Devin Vinson, Video Editor Extraordinaire

We have some exciting news here at Proclaim Ministries! Meet Devin Vinson, our video editor extraordinaire. Devin has been editing videos for The Choose Well Program for a while now (he even edited this video) and we wanted to introduce him to you. You may or may not realize it, but a lot of work and hours go into editing videos. Devin has a natural talent to capture moments within a video, draw people into a story, and make videos come to life. Having Devin on the Proclaim Ministries Team means that I (Mister Brown) can create more video Bible content and have Devin do the editing. Please welcome Devin Vinson to the Proclaim Ministries Team and consider supporting his work here https://proclaimministries.com/give

[1:50] What Devin likes about the video editing process.
[2:45] What are some of the biggest challenges in video editing?
[3:52] What was the learning curve?
[4:30] How much time does it take to edit videos?
[6:00] Why is it important to make videos about faith?
[7:00] We need your support to keep Devon on the team and editing great Bible videos for you. Consider giving to Proclaim Ministries regularly or one-time to support Devin's work in helping to share the Gospel online and through videos https://proclaimministries.com/give

Find out more about the outreach that Mister Brown does in schools through The Choose Well Program https://proclaimministries.com/outreach

See samples of Devin's video editing work that he has done for The Choose Well Program at https://www.thechoosewellprogram.com