This whole journey starts with meeting Jesus and we believe that the best life is found in relationship with him.  Find And Follow God is for people who have never heard of Jesus or are confused about faith, christianity and all this religious stuff.  It is also for those who are new in faith and need help knowing how to get started with following God.

We provide teaching and resources to help people get to know who Jesus is and decide for themselves if he is worthy of their trust.  We also help new believers find ways to get connected to other Jesus followers and provide resources for growing in faith.

Sharing your story is one powerful way you can help. Wether you are new to following God or have been doing it for years we would love to hear your story!  Connect with us and share your story of how you found and are following God. Learn More...


Many people who have grown up in the church and have heard the message, "God loves you and Jesus died on the cross for your sins." However, still find themselves thinking “there must be more.”  We completely understand how disconnected people can feel even in the context of church. There is always more to learn no matter where you are in your journey of faith.

We provide resources to help people understand and live by the power of the gospel. Together we want to grow in wisdom, engage our communities and live a life that gives witness to Jesus Christ. 


Have you ever wanted to be a Sunday school teacher, Bible study teacher or a small group facilitator? Are you one now but feel like you'd like to learn more?  Get Trained To Teach is all about training teachers and equipping leaders. Don’t let lack of training or experience keep you from serving. Many people want to serve in the church but don't feel equipped to do it. 

We want to give you the tools and encouragement you need no matter where you find yourself on this journey of teaching. Ready? Let's GetTrainedToTeach.

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Are you interested in having Mister Brown speak for your group, church, or event? Send us a message with your event details and we will get back to you right away.

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"I sometimes have a difficult time paying attention, but you kept my focus!  I am on student-leadership team in my youth group and I would be very interested in seeing if you could come talk to us again" 


"Mister Brown, so inspirational!!!  I (heart)ed the message!  It really helped me understand things!  More, More More!!!" 


"I love the way you really connect with us and make the message applicable to us. You are very funny and interesting to listen to. I ahve heard some of these things before, but you have a different perspective, and I am thinking about things in a different way. Thanks Mister Brown!"

"Thank you so much Mister Brown for coming and sharing with us. You have touched my heart in multiple ways. As I go back home I will most definitely be making some different decisions. Your impact has been huge upon my campers and myself. WE can all tell your heart is in your ministry. I thank you again for the impact on my life."

- Camp Counselor

"Mister Brown, thank you for teaching the ways of God and Jesus. How to forgive people and to let go and how great is God and stuff. Showing us stuff that I didnt know, showing us how to play games and trust people. Thank you for showing us how to learn about God"

- Rachel.

"Dear Mister Brown, I was truly amazed by the speaking that you have done for us this week. I do believe that you can change people’s lives, no matter who it is. You changed my life in the sense that I know that I am not the only person that grew up with no dad. But I forgave him. You have connected with me by giving me greater understanding of the gospel and His story. You are a great preacher, I will download your podcast and listen to them just to hear the person who has changed my life in his own way. You are awesome, you give your life story straight up."


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