[Podcast# 001] That’s None of Your Business


Has anyone ever said to you, “That’s none of your business?” How did that make you feel? What does society say to us about what’s our business? What does the Bible have to say about it? Proclaim Ministries The Podcast is about helping people understand the Bible and follow Jesus. This is a following Jesus episode.  

[2:08] Announcement: Proclaim Ministries will be embarking on The Santa Rosa Trip; speaking at some school assemblies and a church. There will be a family night where Mister Brown will discuss the difference between responding and reacting; a message for kids and adults.


[3:15] Today’s topic: That’s none of your business. Has someone every said that to you? How did it make you feel? What would you say if you knew that Jesus told someone that in the Bible.

[4:50] Andy Mineo song and lyrics “None of My Business”

[6:43] Break down of some of the lyrics – what should you be focusing on? Live for an audience of one.

[8:13] How Proclaim Ministries can apply the message of the song when speaking in schools.

[9:45-14:25; 16:22] The Biblical application and context for when Jesus said, “That’s none of your business.” John 21

[14:26] Comparing ourselves in life. How social media plays a role.

[17:00] Not that we ignore each other, but we understand my path is not your path.

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