[Podcast #002] Is God Always At Work?

Is God Always At Work? Proclaim Ministries, the Podcast Mister Brown Bible Teaching

Proclaim Ministries The Podcast is about helping people understand the Bible and follow Jesus. Is it difficult to understand why bad things happen, things that are out of your control? Is God present and working even during tragedy and devastating circumstances? Listen to hear about a recent trip Mister Brown took to Santa Rosa, CA, a year after the devastating Tubbs Fire.

[0:41] Why he missed last week’s episode – “I had to eat!” – Santa Rosa Trip

[1:51] What to expect in this episode

- A comment I must share from YouTube

- Trip to Santa Rosa - how you can still help

- Question of the week: Is God always at work? In every situation?

[2:31] YouTube channels

Proclaim Ministries

Mister Brown

Life with the Browns

[3:55] Comment received on Proclaim Ministries YouTube channel

[4:57] 31 Days of Wisdom & Get Wisdom– both look at the book of Proverb.

[5:37] Year-end giving campaign

[7:09] Santa Rosa Triprecap. Invited by Ms. Furze to help commemorate the Tubbs Fire in Santa Rosa where over 5,000 structures were destroyed and about 3,000 homes. I was able to speak in 3 schools, 1 church, and at a family night at Schaefer Elementary.

[8:32] What is a family night? Largest turn out of families for this school.

[10:22] The principals purchased their teachers and staff Choose Wellt-shirts. I’d like to return and give every kid in the school a Choose Well T-shirt which they can wear on Choose Well Wednesday. Wouldn’t that be cool for every person in the school to wear Choose Well tees on the same day? Go HEREto help.

[10:56] Proclaim Ministries Instagram

[11:14] Interviews with Megan and her dad about losing everything.

[12:36] Share these stories from our YouTube channel: Youtube.com/ProclaimMinistries

[13:14] The question of the week: Is God Always At Work? In Every Situation?

[14:55] His glory and our good – in that order. 1 Corinthians 10:31

[16:11] Romans 8:28

[16:41] Jeremiah 29:11– what is the context here

[17:25] Life application: what we can control and what we cannot control.

[20:00] We are dependent creatures

[22:18] Story of Job

[22:45] Story of Esther

[22:57] Story of Jesus

Yes, I do believe God is always at work. We don't have to understand it, like it, or even agree with it. We have to trust him!

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