[Podcast #003] Are You Trying To Be Liked By The World Or Be A Light To The World?


It’s nice to be liked. Maybe people want to spend time with you or get advice from you and that can be flattering. Should you sacrifice who you really are in order to be liked by people? What does it mean to be a light in the world? Proclaim Ministries The Podcast is about helping people understand the Bible and follow Jesus. Today Mister Brown talks about Biblical and practical ways of being salt and light in our world.



[1:37] Text Devotion– Text the word “proclaim” to 40650


[4:42] What does Proclaim Ministries do in schools?


[5:24 & 7:08] Responding vs. Reacting example


[8:10] Biblical application of being salt and light in the world. (Matthew 5:13-16)


[10:00] Are you trying to get people to like you?


[11:34] I’d much rather be hated for who I am than to be liked for who I’m not.


[13:15] Being in the world as a Christian.


[14:28] High beams: what does it mean to be light in the world?


[17:05] James 1:4


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