[Podcast #007] Family Forgiveness for the Holidays


We do connection questions in Sunday School and recently we asked kids what their highs and lows were from Thanksgiving break? One kid said, “My high was family got to visit and my low was family got to visit.” How many of you can identify with that? It can be great to be with family, but it can also be tough to deal with at times. Maybe there is something from the past that is still getting to you? Do you have unforgiveness? Forgiveness is important, but what about family forgiveness?

In this episode Mister Brown will talk about three main aspects to forgiveness and how that can apply to family, especially during the holidays.

3 Areas of Family Forgiveness


1. What is forgiveness

2. Steps to forgiveness

3. Results of forgiveness

Forgive those who hurt you or your hurt will never end.

[3:41]    What is forgiveness?

    Matthew 18:21-35

[9:15]    Steps to forgiveness

[14:52]    The results of forgiveness

    The story of Joseph in Genesis 37-50

    Genesis 45:3-9

    Romans 8:28

    Genesis 50:15-21

Resources from this episode:

All Bible references are linked to biblegateway.com.

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