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Andrea Brown

Andrea is a lifelong follower of Jesus and is passionate about helping others understand the Bible better. She has often said that she married a speaker so she would not have to get on stage and never dreamed that speaking would be part of her journey of faith and obedience.  She has a degree in theology from Simpson University and is currently a Bible study teacher and event speaker.  She usually prefers to share conversation and coffee but says speaking has taught her that sometimes walking in faith means obeying God’s call to step into the spaces that scare you the most and finding in delight that God’s way is always the way of joy and peace.


Mister Brown

Mister Brown has been working with students since he was a teenager and is excited about the next generation of believers in Jesus.  He has over 20 years of experience communicating to audiences of all ages and in diverse contexts. He provides training and support through live events.

Mister Brown also speaks in public schools to help students make better choices to live better lives. Find out more by visits hellomisterbrown.com.

Mister Brown Speaking Clips


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