If you are familiar with Bible study workbooks or devotional books, Strands is a little bit different.   Many studies either study a single section verse by verse or provide broad exploration of a theme.  This study combines both of these ideas to study one text at a time and see how each contributes a unique voice to a larger theme.  
  • The Bible forms one glorious literary work, but when was the last time you read the whole thing? Just the number of pages involved makes reading it a challenge. Many people are used to reading a few verses and coming away with an inspiring thought, a word of encouragement, or a thing to do. But this often means we end up coming back to the same few passages and can quickly lose the sense that it is all connected.
  • The Bible is not just a collection of disconnected writings.  This complete collection tells a story.  In this study, we will follow one theme from beginning to end and see how God has brought together all of these texts as a witness to himself.  This is the story of God - who God is, and what he is doing in the world. And it is a book through which God still speaks to his people today.
  • The challenge here is to stick with the story, to read, learn, keep it all in your head, and be ok with it not all being about you.  It takes a while for the story to unfold and often you are left wondering "So what is the point?…What does it have to do with me?” Sometimes nothing!
But keep reading. Enjoy the story. Ask questions and wrestle with what is going on. The weird. The strange. The beautiful. The mysterious.  And enjoy the journey!


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