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Welcome to the teaching page. Whether it's a series or a single video, each have a focus on helping you understand the Bible better and follow Jesus. Check back often as we will be updating our teaching collection. We also have some teaching available on our YouTube channel and our Teaching Podcast


We All Need It, So Get Some!

When I was in my teens someone mentioned a Bible reading plan that involved reading a Psalm and a Proverb each day. The only problem I had with reading a Proverb of the day was how much information was in the proverb. Proverbs is like a gold mine, full of treasure.

What Do You Think About God?

Is It The Most Important Thing?

What do you think about God? The answer to that question could be the most important question about you.

In this 2 part series Mister Brown looks at the quote from A.W. Tozer;“What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” Do you agree? Disagree? Never thought about it?


This Bibe Study Connects The Dots

The Bible is not just a collection of disconnected writings.  This complete collection tells a story.  In this study, we will follow one theme from beginning to end and see how God has brought together all of these texts as a witness to himself.  This is the story of God - who God is, and what he is doing in the world. And it is a book through which God still speaks to his people today.