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As a team we come from a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences and training but hold in common the fact that our lives have been impacted by the Gospel.  We have all found practical resources to be a powerful catalyst for growth in understanding the Bible and in our own journey of following Jesus. Therefore we are passionate about providing those same types of resources to others.

Meet the Team


Mister Brown

My grandfather was a Pastor so I was in church every Sunday growing up wether I wanted to be there or not.  Even though I was there all the time, I didn't understand what following God was all about and didn't really care to know.  I really only liked church because girls were there.  I made a choice to follow Jesus when I was a teenager but really just kept living life my own way witch was mostly all about basketball and girls.  One day I was watching tv and a super old guy came on and started preaching.  I was too lazy to get up and change the channel (life was hard before apple tv) so just watched the whole thing.  Even though his style was different from mine, he helped me see that I had found God but didn't really know how to follow him.  I have been learning how to follow God better ever since and am passionate about helping others find and follow God too.


Andrea Brown

I grew up in the Church with all of its good, weird and ugly. I have been privileged to grow up in a context surrounded by followers of Jesus and am an aspiring Bible nerd. Jesus has been my friend since before I could speak his name. I met the living God in the words of this text, experienced the fruit of living life by the power of God’s Spirit, been transformed by the power of Jesus and am privileged to be a part of his church. I am passionate about helping others do the same.

Mister Brown and I married in 2009 and have two kids - Sophia Grace and Evan Josiah. We think our kids are a precious gift and, obviously, the greatest and cutest around.  We are admittedly biased in this matter and are completely uninterested in fixing that delusion. They are an important part of our team.


Brianna Tateishi

Since my earliest memory to the time I’ve accepted Jesus into my heart to even now I’ve always had a heart to serve. Whether in missions, worship, cleaning, or just life itself, being the support behind the spotlight was what I felt I was meant to do. This attitude has grown and matured but the sentiment is still the same, to serve. 

I attended Simpson University in 2013 and graduated with a degree in music composition in 2017. I’m continuously amazed how I’ve been able to serve God in different facets of ministry and how God has been able to open opportunities for me as well