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[Podcast #006] 5 Thanksgiving Activities with Sophia – Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving A special Thanksgiving podcast direct from Grandma Brown’s house in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Along with some great Thanksgiving activities, Mister Brown has two special ...

[Podcast #005] Dealing With Past Sin

Revisiting last week’s question #3 from the first segment of “Hey, I Got a Question”: “When I sin I feel like I have to punish ...

Santa Rosa Trip

Videos From the Santa Rosa Trip (click here) Immediately after the recent CARR fire in Redding our city experienced the generosity of many people, churches, ...
#GetWisdom 018 Don't Be So Quick To Judge. Proverbs 18:13 Wisdom The Book of Proverbs

GetWisdom Proverbs 18:13

We live in a world full of short messages: Tweets, video clips, Instagram and Facebook posts. We also live in a world full of different ...
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