WEEK 1 | LISTEN - a posture & practice


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Recommended Resource

Explore the word 'listen' more with these resources from Bible Project.

WEEK 2 | STUDY - translation & word study

Video Lesson


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There are so many online resources for reading and studying the Bible. Here are a few of my favorites:

Bible Hub: I use their interlinear layout for exploring specific words and their parallel feature for translations separates each section out by verse for easy comparison. Watch a feature review here.

Bible Gateway: I really like the parallel translation options here. You can pull up several different translations. It is an older website but I like the reading experience more than some others because it keeps a natural text flow. Watch a feature review here.

Blue Letter Bible: I use this site the most for their interlinear features and how easy it is to explore cross-references.  Watch a feature review here.

You Version: This is my favorite Bible app.  I have used others with different features but keep coming back to this one because it has easy access to multiple translations. I use it a lot for the audio Bible options. Many are available for download and offer everything from simple narration to dramatized audio productions. Watch a feature review here.

The Proclaim Ministries app also has a Bible that you can read and listen to.

Recommended Resource

The team at Bible Project provide excellent resources for Bible readers.  Try these videos to help you study the key words in Deuteronomy 6:4-9.


Recommended Resource

The picture that comes to mind for most of us when hearing the word 'meditate' is not a person reading a book aloud to themselves - but this is much closer to the Biblical idea of meditation than our current one. Watch this video for insight into how the Bible is designed as meditation literature and how that can inform our approach as readers.

WEEK 4 | STUDY - prophetic literature

Recommended Resource

We often think of prophecy as fortune telling, this assumption can lead us to misread and misunderstand prophetic literature. This video from the Bible project is a great intro to this genre.


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