Equipping the Saints | Conversation With Pastor Jeff Lange Part 1

Mister Brown, Jeff Lange

Join me for part 1 of my honest discussion about the challenges and blessings of being a pastor with Pastor Jeff Lange at Faithbridge Church in Park Rapids, MN.

[0:00] Intro
[0:30] Jeff Lange's ministerial experience.
[1:20] What it's like being a lead pastor now.
[3:40] How should we look at a pastor's role?
[5:50] What does Jeff think his role is as a pastor?
[7:25] What other things does Jeff do to "equip the saints"?
[11:05] Jeff's testimony
[12:00] Pastor's kids can still be kids
[13:40] It's lonely at the top
[16:00] Represent Jesus well no matter what your role
[18:00] Practice the presence of God and being counter-culture

Bible Verses:
Ephesians 4:11
1 Timothy 3
Colossians 3
2 Corinthians 5