Behind the Scenes With Proclaim Ministries | Making & Editing Videos 🎥

Mister Brown
Come behind the scenes with Proclaim Ministries and see what it takes to make and edit videos 🎥. Making and editing videos is a lot of hard work and it takes a lot of time. At Proclaim Ministries we want to help people connect faith and life. Editing videos well is important so that the biblical content can be understood and people can grow in their faith. We recently introduced you to Devin Vinson, our video editor extraordinaire. Devin is helping Proclaim Ministries make more and more great Bible content.

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[2:10 & 4:25] Watch the interview with Devin Vinson here
[2:30] Some sample videos Devin has done for The Choose Well Program

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Find out more about the outreach that Mister Brown does in schools through The Choose Well Program

See samples of Devin's video editing work that he has done for The Choose Well Program at