3 Practical Tips To Pass Your Faith To The Next Generation

Mister Brown

Parents have been given the crucial task of passing their faith to the next generation. Here are three practical tips to help you.

[0:00] Intro

[0:45] Tip #1 Evaluate: evaluate what you believe and why you believe it

[2:05] Evaluate how you live

[4:15[ Evaluate what you say to your kids and how you talk to them

[5:19] Tip #2 Get Over It: you don't have to be perfect

[7:25] Tip #3 Persevere: no matter what, keep moving forward (MLK Quote)

[8:55] Training for passing the faith to the next generation

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Bible Verses:

Mark 9:14-29

Psalm 139

Psalm 23:5

2 Timothy 2:13

Psalm 103:14