I Did It! I Finally Cloned Myself! Limited Time ONLY!

I did it! I finally cloned myself. Now I can get more work done with Proclaim Ministries and help more people connect faith and life. Check out the video and see how I did it.

Actually, it’s only a really cool video trick. Of course, I can’t clone myself and I probably wouldn’t want to. However, we are doing something better which is to build a great team so that more people can be reached with the Gospel message. You can be a part of that growth so that more people can connect faith and life. https://proclaimministries.com/give

There is a lot of noise out there in the world. There’s a lot of competition for people’s attention and for their hearts. At Proclaim Ministries, we want to speak truth into those lives and we believe truth comes from God’s Word. We strive to provide quality Bible content and through that content help people connect the faith that they have with the life they live every day.

When you support Proclaim Ministries, you help us get biblical content to people where they are on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other internet platforms. We want to place God’s truth right smack in front of people in the places they are looking for comfort and truth. Donate today. https://proclaimministries.com/give

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It was fun to clone myself for this video, but it’s really hard to run a ministry by yourself. With God’s grace and your help we can grow a team to reach more people and help them connect faith and life.

Check out our website https://proclaimministries.com/ where you can find great Bible content, sign up to receive email updates from us, get our app, and donate.

Thanks for watching.

“The world suffers when Christians don’t live the life given to them in Christ.”