The Heart of a Pastor | Conversation With Pastor Jeff Lange Part 2

Mister Brown, Jeff Lange

Join me for part 2 of my honest discussion about the challenges and blessings of being a pastor with Pastor Jeff Lange at Faithbridge Church in Park Rapids, MN.

[0:00] Continued...
[0:55] Our everyday ministry
[2:30] "Reverend" Brown
[6:55] How does Jeff balance all that is involved with pastoring a church?
[10:30] Pastors need us
[11:20] 3 ways for people to interact with, support, and encourage pastors.
[15:50] Pastors shouldn't be put on a pedestal. They are people too.
[19:10] Summing it all up...

Bible Verses:
John 15
Ephesians 4
Acts 6