Two Dads Talk About Parenting | Interview With Pastor Travis Osborne

Mister Brown, Pastor Travis Osbo

What is our role as parents? How are we to handle our concerns for our kid’s spiritual health? How do we avoid being “Too Controlling?”

Parenting is one the toughest, but most rewarding jobs out there. There is no Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 process to parenting, because every kids is uniquely created by God. The decision to follow Christ is a personal decision our kids have to make. However, we can guide them, teach them, and model what living for Christ looks like. As Pastor Travis Osborne says, “We are going to give our kids every reason possible that they will embrace Christ as their Lord, their Savior, and to follow Him.”

I believe our job as parents is to Love, Lead, and Launch our kids! Join us as Pastor Travis Osborne and I dig into the discussion of parenting!