Are You Giving Up the Truth For A Lie? Sin, God & The Gospel | Romans 1:18-32

Mister Brown

Read Romans 1:18-32 with me today. Giving up the truth for a lie has major consequences and we can see the world suffering for it. God's Word is urgent today. Our world is falling apart and the answer is not political or financial. Our biggest problem is sin and the answer is turning back to God. Sin is a problem for everyone. It brings destruction and pain. Sin can never fulfill us because we will never be happy outside of our relationship with God. The only way people can be set free from the bonds of sin, is to recognize Jesus as their savior. We need to start with ourselves. As believers, are we suppressing the truth? Are we ignoring or rejecting God?
Verses from this video:
Romans 1:18-32
Colossians 1:28
Psalm 14:1
Psalm 19:1
Romans 1:16