Pray or Point Fingers?

Mister Brown

How should we respond to the shooting in Uvalde, Texas?

God calls us to pray. To pray for our world, to pray for people to be saved, and to pray for those grieving. The Bible says to “weep with those who weep." (Romans 12:15)

My advice would be to stop pointing fingers, pray, and ask God “what is mine to do?” What is it that He wants us to do?

More Bible verses:
John 15:19
John 17:14-16
1 John 2:15
Romans 12:2
James 1:27

The Choose Well Program Video In Response To The Shooting In Uvalde, Texas: - 3 main points from this video:
1. It's okay to be sad.
2. Ask yourself: "What is mine to do?"
3. Keep moving forward (based on a quote from Martin Luther King, Jr.)

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