James 1:22 | The Simon Says of the Bible

Mister Brown

Most people know how to play Simon Says. It's a fun game to see if people are listening to what you say. I want to put a twist on Simon Says today with the verse James 1:22 "But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves." James was the half-brother of Jesus and he wrote to the church to give them very specific instructions (kind of like saying "Simon Says...") on how they should live their lives. One way to live life well, is to obey what the Bible says. When the Bible says we should do something, we should do it. When the Bible says we shouldn't do something, we shouldn't do it.
[1:55] "But be doers of the word" - This means to do what the Bible says or don't do what the Bible says not to do. Obey God's Word.
[2:17] "and not hearers only" - This means that you don't only learn or read the Bible and not apply it to your life. Learn and hear, and then do what the Bible says.
[2:57] "deceiving yourselves" - Deceiving means that you are tricking yourself. When we don't obey God's Word, we deceive ourselves.