Do We Have The Wrong Definition of Forgiveness? | Matthew 18:15-35 | Forgiven Sermon Clip

Mister Brown

In this clip from a sermon at Faithbridge Church in Park Rapids, MN, I share about what forgiveness is not.

[0:36] The wrong definition of forgiveness: 1) Forgiveness is NOT saying it's okay. 2) Forgiveness is NOT pretending it didn't happen. 3) Forgiveness is NOT bringing it up to them or to others. 4) Forgiveness is NOT giving the same access. 5) Forgiveness is NOT waiting until they ask.
[6:28] A great song about "forgiving" people
[8:15] The definition of forgiveness: A choice to release someone of the debt they owe you.
[8:55] How unforgiveness is like holding onto a hot iron (or several hot irons).
[11:00] Forgive those who hurt you or your hurt will never end.
[12:00] 3 Steps to forgiveness: 1) I choose to forgive. 2) I am forgiving. 3) I have forgiven.