Proclaim Ministries App Update | New Features | Audio Bible Reading Plan | Take Notes from the Bible

Mister Brown
Today’s video is a walk-through the mobile app for Proclaim Ministries. If you don’t have the app yet, you should check it out at The app is a great way to stay connected to Proclaim Ministries and get quick access to the newest Bible content.

[0:25] What devices support the app?
[0:38] Where can you get the app?
[0:50] How to sign up for notifications? When notifications are turned on, you will get notified every time Proclaim Ministries puts out new content.
[1:25] How to access your “Inbox”? This is where all of your notifications are stored, so that you can see them later.
[2:17] How to share the app with others?
[2:28] How to search for content on the app?
[3:00] How to download content, take notes, and share a specific post within the app?
[3:35] How to give to the ministry within the app?
[5:05] How to give to the ministry within the app?
[5:11] How to give to the ministry within the app?
[4:00] More on taking notes
[4:06] Settings within the app
[4:15] The app Menu at the bottom of each page: Home, Media, Bible, Give, More
[4:20] Media shows the Proclaim Ministry content: Teaching, Training, & Devotionals
[4:34] Bible gives you access to an in-app Bible. You can choose from several translations. You can read it, follow a reading plan, or have the app read to you.
[5:11] More shows other ways to follow Proclaim Ministries:
Proclaim News
Proclaim Ministries website
[5:30] Listening to media on the app and using it like a podcast
[6:20] Proclaim Ministries Connecting Faith & Life Podcast coming soon

“Helping you connect faith and life.”