Forgiveness, Drug Use, and Proximity

Mister Brown

"Forgive those who hurt you or your hurt may never end." Forgiveness is so important because we receive it from Jesus Christ and we should be giving it to those around us. Forgiveness is not saying what someone did is "okay." If someone put a burning brick in your hand, you are not going to hold on to it; you are going to let it go so it doesn't continue to hurt you. Forgiveness works in the same way.

I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to be in proximity to students and be salt and light to them. It is so important for us as believers to be in proximity to unbelievers. How are they ever going to know the Word of God if believers are not in proximity with them?

[1:22] Forgiveness and the Bible account of Joseph
Genesis 45: 1-8 - Joseph forgives his brothers.
Genesis 50:15-21
[12:14] I young girl I met who is struggling with unforgiveness
[13:47] Drug use and generational sin
[15:34] Something To Think About | The Gospel Series
[16:15] Proximity, being salt and light to unbelievers and The Choose Well Program
The Choose Well Program

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