What Kind of Music Should Christians Listen To? | Philippians 4:8

Mister Brown

There is a lot of good music out there, but the lyrics are terrible. I think it's important to consider your playlist. What you listen to can have an effect on you. When we are listening to music that points us to God, we are reminded to worship God and His greatness and awesomeness. We were made to worship God. We should consider if the music we listen to is honoring to the One who made us and saved us. I want to challenge you and encourage you to pay attention to what's in your ear. The next time you are listening to music and you aren't sure whether or not it honors God, ask yourself these questions: What is this song saying about me? What is it saying about people? What is it saying about God? If Jesus Christ was listening beside me, what would he think of the music?

Bible Verse:
Philippians 4:8

Shai Linne song "Worship God" https://youtu.be/VTiRWkmfKig