Day 33 Psalm 55 | 40 Days of Prayer in the Book of Psalm

Andrea R. Brown

I really like this quote from Jo Saxton talking about prayer: "What would you say to God if you didn't feel obliged to say the nice things?" This quote captures one of the things that surprises me when I come back to the Psalms and especially here in Psalm 55. There is an open invitation to be honest with God on a level that I am not used to. I try to make my prayers real pretty before I talk to God. I like her phrase because there seem to be things that I feel obliged to say, but I keep finding in the Psalms that there is not that same sense of obligation to use certain phrases. In Psalm 55 you see where when you cast your burdens on God. You don't stop and pretty it up. It's not clean or polished. I need to learn and practice more of that casting. I tend to carry things that are not mine to carry or I am ineffective in handling. Instead, we are encouraged to cast it on God and trust that He will sort it out. I can do more casting of cares, what about you?