Day 37 Psalm 144 | 40 Days of Prayer in the Book of Psalm

Andrea R. Brown

The one thing that stands out from reading all of these Psalms, and even here in Psalm 144, is how violent language is held together with prayers of confidence, peace, and rest with who God is. I tend to think that violence and peace are mutually exclusive. These words help me be awake to the reality that there is a lot wrong in our world. I am not dealing with a war in my life, but there is a spiritual war going on all around us. The Psalms help me to be honest about all of the darkness that is around and still rest in God's goodness. Even today, we can relate to the emotions and with the imagery in the Psalms and maybe even be happy people because of them.

What emotions and imagery have you been able to relate to while reading through the Psalms?