Day 40 Psalm 16 | 40 Days of Prayer in the Book of Psalm

Andrea R. Brown

What stands out to me in Psalm 16 is the declaration in verse 2 that I have no good apart from the Lord. That is a strong claim. I would like that to be true, but it's challenging. Verse 4 shows the sorrow that comes from following after idols. I don't think that I have "idols", but I'm reminded how I pour out my energy into things that I think are good. Sorrow comes with an effort to find meaning and value in things other than God. I want it to be true that He is my good and not these materials things in my life.

Through these 40 Days of Prayer in the Book of Psalm, I have found great value in saying out loud what is on my mind. Reading, processing, and sharing what I'm learning with you has really helped deepen this prayer time. Thank you for coming along on this journey with me.

Let me know what you thought about this series. I'd love to hear from you.