Day 38 Psalm 1 | 40 Days of Prayer in the Book of Psalm

Andrea R. Brown

I think it's funny that it took me this long to get to Psalm 1. I don't know about you, but I have this longing for fruit. I want results and evidence that the work that I do is valuable. Lately, I have been struggling with not feeling productive. Like many people, I tie my worth to producing something good and valuable. Psalm 1 stands out because it doesn't talk only about bearing fruit. Psalm 1 acknowledges that fruit will happen in its own season. Before that fruit appears there is a whole lot of sitting and waiting. There is value in faithfulness with the little and mundane things of life. My job is not to produce fruit, but to be faithful in what I have been called to do.

What have you been called to do in this season?